10 Ways to Green-Up Your Next Business Event

Business events, trade-shows, and conferences are notoriously UN-green.  Who hasn’t walked away from one with tons of paper and physical goods that only get put in a pile or thrown away? Running a large event can be challenging but making it more sustainable will not only be good for the environment but it will also save you time and money.  You’ll cut down on the number of things you need to do and drastically reduce the amount of physical items that you must account for and handle. Consider these 10 ways you can make your next big business event greener.

1)      Reduce paper though digital signage.

2)      Add a mobile app for your event so attendees can navigate floor plans, sponsors, and agendas.

3)      Use an online pre-event guide.

4)      Require online registration and payment.

5)      Skip the bottled water and provide water sources instead (water fountains, water bubbles, etc.) from which attendees can fill their own water bottles. (Hint: If you think attendees won’t bring their own bottle, consider a promotional product giveaway from one of your event sponsors of – you got it – a water bottle!)

6)      Minimize swag and other product giveaways. Make taking these items optional or provide an exchange table where people can swap out what they do/do not want.

7)      Donate unused food from catering to local food charities.

8)      Use biodegradable and compostable cups, plates, and silverware for event meals.

9)      Provide easy-to-use recycling near the trash areas.

10)   Skip the fat program guide and direct people to the mobile app. Use only a small placard to hit the logistical highlights that people need to know and consider having this double as the name badge.

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