5 Ideas To Recycle Your Clutter

1. Old Books:

You can send your old but gently used books to our troops overseas through Books for Soldiers –“care package for the mind” (http://booksforsoldiers.com/)

2. Cell phones:

Donate your old Cell Phones for Domestic Violence Victims – there are many local charities that will except them or take them to your local domestic violence shelter.

3. Eyeglasses:

Lions Club International offers a kit that you can order to mail in your unused or outdated eyeglasses.

4. Furniture:

There are several organizations that will accept your used, unwanted furniture such as Goodwill Industries and, Big Brother and Big Sisters of America. These are great organizations to work with to help families and individuals.

5. Misc. unwanted items:

a. Like your furniture, you can donate to the charities above or put it on Freecycle.org.

There are many other ways to recycle your clutter. By using these few simple ideas, you are clearing the clutter and saving the planet for future generations.

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