A Holiday Choir

It’s that time of the year again, the holiday season! Kids are off of school and you wonder what can you do with them while you get my home ready for family and friends. Here is one great craft idea that’s not only fun but sustainable!

How to make a Holiday Choir

Here is what you will need:
• Tempera paint and paintbrushes
• 1 toilet paper tube
• 1 paper towel tube, cut into two different lengths
• Colored paper (for faces and mittens)
• Black marker and pink pencil
• Glue
• Sheet music (from a songbook or gift wrap)
• 3 child’s socks
• String or raffia

How to make it:
1. Paint the tubes and set them aside to dry. From the colored paper, cut out oval face shapes and draw on eyes and mouths with the marker. Use the pink pencil to color rosy cheeks. Cut out paper mittens for each caroler too.
2. From the sheet music, trim two small rectangles and fold each in half to resemble a mini songbook. Glue the faces onto the tubes. Then glue a songbook between each pair of mittens and glue the mittens to the tubes.
3. For hats, trim the feet off the socks and discard them. Fold an end of each sock tube into a cuff and stretch it onto a caroler’s head. Tie the hat closed with string or raffia.

Have fun and have a very happy holiday!!

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