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SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide is a sustainable facility management provider serving corporate facilities, equity groups, procurement, the retail industry, and operations departments seeking compliance and facility waste conversion into viable resources yielding increased profits. Unlike other parallel companies, SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide is responsive and customer-centric; offering value-added expertise through a simplified approach applying our innovative analytics tool “ producing unequaled customer ROI.

SLM is an award-winning facility management company with a problem-solving, sustainable approach to managing industrial waste. We apply our innovative and ethical practices to many areas of waste management: More than just savings!

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You also get:

  • Our ERT (Emergency Readiness Team) for immediate response, support and follow-up, 24/7/365.
  • A world-class, customized waste service tracking system that updates every 5 seconds.
  • One point of contact to simplify your multiple-vendor waste management services.
  • One invoice to streamline your accounting process.
  • One contract for all your locations.
  • All the resources you need to achieve compliance.
  • Green help – we’ll show you how to reduce your waste stream.
  • Employee education, from best practices to compliance.







waste management services


Over 15 years ago SLM revolutionized the way facility maintenance is handled by acting as a middle-person between the facility's customer and its vendors while also managing its waste-related commodities. This unique approach has saved SLM clients millions of dollars annually. To no surprise, SLM is the chosen facility management company that provides businesses, retail companies, and high-profile restaurants nationwide exceptional service.
We maintain our client's business properties 24/7/365 and provide them with a comprehensive, proactive way of managing their facilities. Many customer's comment on the outstanding customer service they receive. It's no wonder more than 95% of our customers renew their SLM contracts.
Headquartered in Green Lane, Pennsylvania, SLM has more than 12,000 partners in its nationwide preferred vendor program. This coast-to-coast penetration enabled the company to serve more than 15,000 clients with unmatched responsiveness and at the same time, realizing substantial savings on facility maintenance costs. It's a big business approach with small company appeal.
Every SLM employee is accountable for the success of it's client's facility management program, and works tirelessly to ensure a smooth operation. SLM's Emergency Readiness Team (ERT) is available 24/7/365. At SLM, we're not satisfied unless you are 100% satisfied.
To work with passion and commitment, to think creatively and act with accountability, to treat customers, vendors and each other with integrity and respect, to build partnerships and use our expertise in delivery of outstanding facilities management services to save customers money and add value.
Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. As a values-driven company, we are committed to helping our clients make important and confident decisions.

Accountability, Performance, Integrity, Personal Growth, Achievement.

These values define us. They are our personality and our shared promises. They guide us on how we approach all aspects of our work. We believe in being dependable. We believe in being ethical and doing the right thing. We firmly believe in our values.
Susan Daywitt
CEO / “We take great pride and thoughtful care in fulfilling our customers’ needs. This is the key to our success”
Susan Daywitt founded SLM in 1998 and her unique approach to facility maintenance management, has saved SLM clients millions of dollars annually. Susan prides herself in organization and efficiency and will do whatever it takes to make it right for the clients she serves. She also finds time to be active in organizations such as Restaurant Facility Managers Associations, where she sits on the Board of Directors, Women’s Presidents Organization, International Facilities Managers Association and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and Peace Through Business. Daywitt has a love of mentoring women entrepreneurs nationally and internationally, does a huge amount of community volunteering and, above all, she devotes her free time to her husband of 25 years and family.
Jim Stauffer
CFO / “I believe that our department’s pro-active approach allows our partners to enjoy the confidence that SLM’s accounting department is at the top of its game each and every day.”
Jim has applied over half of his 20 years of accounting experience to helping SLM clients improve their bottom line. With his vast facility maintenance experience, Jim developed an industry-leading database that caters to the needs of SLM clients. His unique style of positioning the accounting department as an extension of the clients’ management team, enables SLM customers to turn their efforts to more pressing issues within their own businesses. In his leisure, Jim enjoys family activities and anything sports related.
Rebecca Clouser
Vice President / “It is very rewarding being able to successfully market SLM throughout the country. I thrive on the challenge and enjoy knowing I am playing a key role in the growth of the company.”
Rebecca’s experience includes internet, brand management, B2B marketing, social media marketing, and research and data analysis. At SLM, she is responsible for electronic marketing including website development and design, web branding, email marketing, social networking, as well as traditional advertising and public relations. She will also utilize her research skills to identify new market trends and opportunities to help drive business growth and expansion. In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys time with her family, likes baking cookies and then working them off at the gym.
Justin Caramenico
Information Services Manager / “Our success in the industry is due to our employees dedication to the best customer service, accounting, research and reporting that anyone has to offer.”
Justin has 29 years of experience in information services, accounting and customer relations. For the past 10 years, he has applied his vast business prowess to SLM. His passion for this business and the pride in SLM is contagious, and can be felt throughout the company. Justin’s enthusiasm and staff-coaching has been an instrumental factor in the growth of the organization. When he is not serving as the company cheerleader, Justin loves baseball, basketball and soccer.
Lori Bitting
Controller / “I take pleasure in working with our vendors to make sure that our customer’s accounts are accurate and current.”
Lori has been at SLM for the past nine years. She manages the Accounts Payable Department, where she hones in on the detail where vendor invoices are concerned. She is a fact-finder, extraordinarily detailed, and places a high devotion to problem solving. Her eagle-eye reviews vendor invoices for SLM’s vast array of customers, to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date. She prides herself in continuing to build SLM’s excellent reputation within the vendor community for accuracy, quick turnaround, and payment of bills on time. In her spare time, Lori’s six cats keep her very busy.
Josh Perini
Information Technology Manager
Josh says, “Passion means commitment, and there’s no company as committed to the customer as SLM.” A Villanova grad with a degree in Computer Engineering and MIS, Josh spent 11 years at Comcast, where he worked his way up to Regional Operations Manager. “At SLM, we’ve become the expert for the customer so they don’t have to worry. I like that in a company I work for.” Teamwork comes naturally to Josh, who loves golf, soccer, flag football, softball, and volleyball. “I like the project management aspect of my role at SLM. I’m constantly working on new projects, so I don’t have time to get complacent or bored. My work changes daily.”
Dana Seuffert
Director of Operations
With more than 15 years of experience in Facility Management, Dana joined the team at SLM in November 2015 as our Director of Operations. In that role, he oversees all commodities (grease/traps, trash/recycling, kitchen exhaust), procurement and new store implementation for our clients. Dana’s career in facility management began in 2002, with concentration on facility and construction management. A graduate of Penn State with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing with minors in Economics and Accounting, Dana he enjoys spending time with his wife, their two daughters and their beagle, Ernie.
Greg Dykty
National Accounts Executive
Greg joined the SLM team in September 2016, and brings to our company a background in managing landscaping and snow removal services for various big-box retailers around the nation. As the company’s National Accounts Executive, he is focused on client relationships and making sure his team provides excellent customer service on all levels. He has held long lasting relationships with clients, and is always looking to learn more about the facilities industry. In his spare time, Greg enjoys spending time with his family, enjoying sports and taking time to work on his yard.
Andrea Best-Henninger
Grease Manager
Andrea has been a part of our SLM team for the past four years, starting as a trash & recycling customer service representative, and working her way up to Grease department manager. She is focused on bringing high quality customer service through open communication and striving to ensure that each client receives detailed individual attention. “We strive to provide the best possible service for all customers, responding quickly and taking care of all waste and recycling needs in a timely and efficient fashion,” said Andrea. “While problems always arise, our goal is to resolve those issues in the most stress-free manner possible.” She looks forward to expanding and growing with SLM while retaining the personalized service she and her Grease team provide. In her free time, Andrea can be found spending time with her husband, their cats, and enjoying books.
Melissa Myers
Trash & Recycling Manager
Melissa came to SLM in April of 2011 with a background in customer service and training/quality control. Currently she is the Trash & Recycling Department Manager where she oversees the setup and scheduling services for trash & recycling. Using her knowledge of vendors and customers Melissa strives to obtain the best pricing and service while ensuring a smooth opening. Melissa is also instrumental in writing training material in an effort to ensure the best possible procedures are implemented throughout the department. In her personal life, Melissa is the Vice-President of the Mega Spirit Club, a local cheerleading booster club, where she is responsible to oversee all fundraising activities. Additionally, Melissa believes there should never be a day that goes by without a person learning something. As such she can often be found reading or researching a topic online.
Jonathan Mason
Hoods Department Manager
Jonathan brings a decade of experience in Facility Management to his new role as Hoods Department Manager at SLM. He joined the team in September 2016, after working as an operations manager in the industry the previous seven years. Previously, he helped grow a small facility management into a much larger operation, and has also worked in sales and operations in other industries, including construction and retail. Jonathan graduated from the University of Richmond with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies. Outside of work, he is active in three local roller hockey leagues.
Gretchen Cox
Procurement Manager
Gretchen’s background is in customer service and procurement. She uses her experience in both category management and strategic sourcing to help ensure that the vendors that service her customer’s locations are the most qualified and cost effective. In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and watching her boys football and lacrosse games.
Brett Potoka
Repairs & Construction Manager
A member of the SLM team since November 2015, Brett brings to our company a background in facility management as a director of operations, as well as prior experience in the financial services sector. As Repairs & Construction Manager, he is responsible for all repair and construction projects for SLM’s clients, as well as the company’s Handyman services unit. Brett has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. When he’s not managing client repairs and construction projects, Brett is a fan of all sports, and enjoys spending time with his family, especially his one-year old son, in nearby Limerick, Pennsylvania.
Ian Kirk
National Accounts Executive
Ian joined SLM in February of 2017, bringing with him a background in operations management. Ian started his career as a furniture maker and antique restorer and then transitioned to the world of facility maintenance. Ian has always had a deep understanding of what’s important to a client. His experience as an operations manager led him to grow his understanding of client needs, eventually leading him to pursue a role as a National Accounts Executive, so he could spend more time focusing on customers. In fact, learning about what makes each client unique is one of Ian’s favorite parts of his job. In his spare time, Ian likes woodworking, hiking, and cooking.
Thomas Clouser
Business Process Manager
As SLM’s Business Process Manager, Tom Clouser isn’t locked away in a subbasement computer room. Instead, Tom says “I’m able to assist in every aspect of the company. Whether it involves clients, vendors or all of the internal departments and each employee, I am involved in the entire cycle.”With degrees in Engineering, Tom is detail-oriented and thinks in analytical terms. “I was asked to assist SLM in a very analytical position. They felt I had the mind, I felt it was a perfect match, and it truly was.”“SLM is unique,” Tom continues. ”I admire the passion and dedication they put forth for all their clients, and the amount of time they spend to make sure that everyone is satisfied and all jobs are done perfectly.”On the weekends, you’ll usually find Tom spending time with his family and thinking big thoughts. “I make sure that I always do learn something new every day.”
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