Bulk Trash Pickup: Not Just For The Holidays Anymore.

Most cities and towns set aside one day each year for free municipal bulk pickups. Out go the past-their-prime mattresses, rugs and long-dead appliances; in comes newfound space in the basement and garage. But in the commercial world, one bulk pickup day each year wouldn’t be nearly enough, especially in the autumn.  Fall is when […]

AT PEACE WITH THE GREASE: Avoiding Backups Before They Start

There’s no secret to lessening grease trap problems. While backups might be impossible to avoid completely, being mindful of how you and the kitchen staff deal with grease before it enters your plumbing system can make a big difference in the frequency and the seriousness of maintenance calls. The care and cleaning of grease traps […]

Preventive HVAC Maintenance isn’t optional; it’s mandatory.

Building systems are the lifeblood of any facility, notes Robin Suttell (rsuttell@cox.net) in Buildings Magazine. Without lighting, water, or heating and cooling, a building would be uninhabitable. That’s why a strong preventive and predictive HVAC maintenance program isn’t an option; it’s a must. “Two issues – the asset and the life of the building – […]


It’s a scene reenacted over and over, pretty much everywhere… HE:      What’s the matter? SHE:    You don’t smell that? HE:      I don’t smell anything. SHE:    There’s an open window behind your head. I bet there’s a dumpster on the other side. HE:      (Being served) Are we still sharing the minestrone? When a diner’s first impression […]


It’s a cop-movie cliché: the big fight scene in a warehouse area, surrounded by trucks and trash, where, amidst the flying bullets, a scavenger is climbing into a dumpster, presumably in search of food. Chances are, that scavenger will come up empty. Edible food, leftover or otherwise, takes up very little space in a dumpster. […]

Honoring 9/11

Here at SLM we want to take a moment to stop and honor those who were lost in the events of 9/11. From family and loved ones to first responders and rescuers, we will never forget. Even 16 years later, there are still families in need who were affected.  If you would like to donate […]

Hurricane Irma: Your Preparation Checklist

We at SLM are dedicated to the well-being and stability of your facilities and your business.  Our mission is to ensure that your business and day-to-day operations run seamlessly with or without the threat of an impending emergency.  Unfortunately, this is a time of emergency, and we want to do everything in our power to […]

How Important Sustainable Lawn Care can be

It’s hard to know if a landscaper shares your commitment to sustainability, because once they haul away the lawn waste from your facility, what happens to it is a mystery. It’s important for your sustainability-minded company to properly vet its lawn maintenance vendor, as proper lawn care has a lot of implications on the environment. […]

Cleaning Up After America’s Biggest Stampede

Black Friday. You know when it’s coming, and you know what happens. (If not, here’s a reminder.) The Friday after Thanksgiving is considered the starting gun for stampedes, hordes and, judging from the damage that often ensues, rabid elephants, buffalos, and rhinos. Some stores get it worse than others, but the bigger the store, the […]

Maintaining New-Generation Plumbing

There’s a new generation of water-efficient plumbing fixtures — including flush valves, urinals, and faucets — being installed in commercial and institutional facilities at an ever-increasing rate. These fixtures curtail water use by plumbing systems, reduce utility costs and improve the organization’s overall sustainability. Maintenance and engineering managers who are making product selections need to […]

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