Bulk Trash Pickup: Not Just For The Holidays Anymore.

Most cities and towns set aside one day each year for free municipal bulk pickups. Out go the past-their-prime mattresses, rugs and long-dead appliances; in comes newfound space in the basement and garage.

But in the commercial world, one bulk pickup day each year wouldn’t be nearly enough, especially in the autumn.  Fall is when the bulk trash levels can reach their highest, starting around the end of November and continuing through New Years’ Day.  Spring remodeling can also generate plenty of debris.

When you work with SLM, experts in the world of bulk trash pickups will arrange for your bulk pickup to be hauled away. Relax immediately; repeat when necessary.

SLM experts source and manage a wide variety of competitively priced facility and waste management services. Our national network of over 12,000 licensed and insured vendors provides expertise in managing waste, recycling, grease trap and cooking oil disposal, kitchen hood exhaust cleaning, property maintenance and power washing services. SLM designs and manages comprehensive facility management programs to meet your specific needs.

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