Cleaning Up After America’s Biggest Stampede

Black Friday. You know when it’s coming, and you know what happens. (If not, here’s a reminder.) The Friday after Thanksgiving is considered the starting gun for stampedes, hordes and, judging from the damage that often ensues, rabid elephants, buffalos, and rhinos. Some stores get it worse than others, but the bigger the store, the […]

Improve Your Trash & Recycling Practices

We are all concerned about waste removal, but have you considered implementing waste prevention and recycling programs?    You can work with the employees at your facility by actively engaging and educating them, and get their help identifying markets for your recovered materials. The most effective way to reduce your organization’s waste is to generate less […]

Controlling Dumpster Odors

Odor control isn’t limited to indoor spaces like offices, rest rooms and kitchens.  Facility managers also need to concentrate some of their efforts outside the building in and around dumpsters. You know dumpsters.  That terrible name, that unsightly but necessary container, the smell that your customers and visitors — well, they can just see it […]

Tackle your Storage Challenges with a Bulk Pick Up

Last month, a Philadelphia news website was given a tour of Philadelphia’s City Hall, and the big takeaway from the coverage was the over 500 pieces of outdated office furniture stacked up for hundreds of feet in a sub-basement of City Hall.  Mountains of old desks, filing cabinets, chairs, lamps and other equipment, some of […]

Stop Contributing to your Community FOG

Fats, oils and grease (FOG) continue to plague sewer systems across the country by reducing sewer line capacity, clogging sewer lines and gumming up wastewater treatment plant works. Part of the reason is that the fats, oils and grease that make up FOG are distinct, entering the sewer system from different sources and possessing unique chemical […]

Why Should You Think about Sustainability?

You often read or hear stories about “sustainability.”  You may ask, what does it mean? The best answer we’ve found is it refers to those things that we do and plan in everyday activities that support the present and future cultural, economic, environmental and social fabric of our lives, country, region and the world. As […]

Holiday Clean Up

Hello 2017 and goodbye 2016! Ok, we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to 2016. There are still reminders of 2016 to clear up – in particular, the aftermath of holiday waste materials.  There are holiday decorations (lights, trees, packages, displays) and residue of holiday business (leftover food, paper products, trash, etc.) Now is the […]

Dumpster Wash That Packs a Punch

Why should a dumpster be washed when it is just going to get dirty again anyway? There is a common misconception that trash goes in a dumpster so there’s no reason to clean the trash receptacle, but dumpsters and chutes need to be washed for sanitary reasons. Trash bags will often leak liquids, food and […]

Is “Zero Trash” and all Recycling Possible?

Sweden is known for the all-time tennis champion Bjorn Borg, their Ikea furniture, the music of ABBA and austere art films from the likes of Ingmar Bergman, but it may soon be known for its incredible recycling programs. Did you know that less than one percent of Sweden’s household garbage ends up in landfills? Per […]

Why your Business Needs a Waste Management Program

There are many sustainable ways to dispose of waste whether it be trash or recyclables. Not only are these methods sustainable, but they can also save your business money through a sustainable waste management strategy. The first step in taking on more environmentally friendly practices is to think more in-depth about trash. For example, “trash” […]

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