Cleaning Up After America’s Biggest Stampede

Bulk Pick Up

Black Friday. You know when it’s coming, and you know what happens. (If not, here’s a reminder.)

The Friday after Thanksgiving is considered the starting gun for stampedes, hordes and, judging from the damage that often ensues, rabid elephants, buffalos, and rhinos. Some stores get it worse than others, but the bigger the store, the bigger the stampede. And the more crazed shoppers racing to find Black Friday markdowns there are, the more damage is done to each store’s stock.

When the Black Friday madness cools down, staffers mark the casualties off as a loss and take the damaged goods out to the dumpsters behind their stores. Complete bedroom sets, refrigerators, sectional couches, ovens, mattresses, dining room tables and chandeliers are dumped, eventually swamping the capacity of the store’s dumpsters.

“This is only part of the phenomenon,” notes one SLM staffer. “In January, deja vu. All sorts of damaged items are returned to the stores, and many of them wind up overloading these dumpsters. But whatever it is, one call to SLM’s Bulk Pickup service can get rid of it.”

SLM, which manages facilities across the US, began as a waste-management company, so the mountains of trash and their ultimate removal are imprinted into SLM’s DNA. “Everybody has junk,” the staffer points out. “We see huge piles of trash after stores and businesses do their fall cleanups in late August or early September. But nothing beats Black Friday for sheer volume.”

“SLM’s message to retailers is simple: get the junk into your dumpsters or behind your store, and we’ll handle the rest, no matter how much junk there is,” says the staffer. “At SLM, we do it all so you don’t have to.”

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