Controlling Dumpster Odors

Dumpster wash

Odor control isn’t limited to indoor spaces like offices, rest rooms and kitchens.  Facility managers also need to concentrate some of their efforts outside the building in and around dumpsters.

You know dumpsters.  That terrible name, that unsightly but necessary container, the smell that your customers and visitors — well, they can just see it coming.  So do you.  What are some effective ways to eliminate that problem?

Start by clearing out the interior. When you fill a dumpster with debris, lingering odors can become trapped on the interior. To ensure that there are not any items that are causing an unpleasant smell, you should schedule a dumpster pick up service with your local waste disposal vendor. Once your dumpster has been cleared, you will be ready to start cleaning the interior. To ensure that the interior of your rental dumpster is completely clean, wash the interior well – we recommend Super Citrus Dumpster Wash over basic bleach and water.

Super Citrus Dumpster Wash controls odors, helps deter bees and flies around your dumpsters, trash cans and loading dock areas, and allows you to clean grease and odor causing residue, and deodorizes dumpsters as well as trash chutes.  It’s a product that is specially formulated with cleaners and odor counteraction to clean, cut grease and neutralize foul odors.  It works great on not only dumpsters but trash chutes/walls, compactors and dock floors as well.

Once you have cleaned and rinsed the interior of your dumpster, the next step is to allow the interior of the dumpster to dry completely. By drying out the interior of the dumpster you will prevent the formation of bacteria and mold.

To help keep the dumpster clean and cut down on odors, your cleaning crews should always bag the trash before placing it in the dumpsters.

There will always be odors associated with waste, but starting out with a clean dumpster is a terrific way to cut down on the worst offenders.  Keeping up with the problem, or staying ahead of it, is also possible, with products like “Dumpster Deodorizer.”  Sprinkle it in and around dumpsters, compactors, trash receptacles, and other problem areas to eliminate odors for approximately seven days.  This product also contains citronella, to help deter flying insects and pests.  Both the Dumpster Wash and Deodorizer products are bio-degradable, making them user-safe and environmentally friendly, contributing to your sustainability goals.

Pro-active steps like these can help you overcome your outdoor odor challenges – especially that dumpster.

Super Citrus Dumpster Wash can be purchased here.

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