Do You Need A Lift?

Sewer_coverIt’s hard to remember a time when sewage (now referred to as wastewater) was dumped directly into bodies of water. On the coasts, it was into the ocean, inland into lakes, rivers, streams and ponds. Considering the contaminants contained in that wastewater, it’s a wonder more people didn’t get sick from exposure. Bathers would be affected by the bacteria and any shellfish eaten could present adverse health effects. Fortunately, those days are long gone for most developed countries.

Today, we have systems which take all of this wastewater and moves it to municipal wastewater plants. There is a challenge, however, that many communities face  in that wastewater occurs in low-lying areas which means gravity can’t do its job to move the wastewater. As a result, lift stations are used. “Lift stations contain the pumps, valves and electrical equipment necessary to move sewage from low to high elevation, making them an essential component of many municipal sewer systems.” (Source: Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine, October 2013)

Given the importance of these lift stations, they need to be monitored and maintained to ensure their proper operation. There are several safety considerations associated with these stations such as OSHA regulations, confined space entry, potential for injury and liability issues so it’s critical that they be handled by highly trained professionals.

At SLM, we specialize in all aspect of  lift stations. What this means is you get state certified plumbing and underground utility and excavation service providers who do the cleaning, installing and repair of all lift stations including wet well, valve vault and control panel related work. In addition, we provide lift station jetting, cleaning, piping and pumps 24/7/365.

Interested? Give us a call at 888.847.4449 or shoot us an email at We offer free, no pressure consultations and are here to answer any and all questions. At SLM, our goal is to make your life easier, save you money and be your one-stop shop for all your facility needs.

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