Does Your Company Need Grease Relief?


Did you know that in many states and municipalities, at least one employee of a food service establishment or grease hauling business is required to have a FOG certificate? Don’t know what FOG Certification is? It’s a certification that verifies that at least one of your employees has been educated on how to prevent sewer backups caused by improper disposal of fats, oils, and grease.

The most common fats, oils and grease include cooking grease, vegetable oil, and animal fats. This waste material is generated during food preparation. Once the dishes and equipment are cleaned, all of this waste is washed down the drain where it cools and separates from the dishwasher. The separated waste collects in private drains, sewer pipes, and other sewage collection and treatment structures. If there’s an excessive build up of this waste material, it can result in blockages and drain backups that could negatively impact the functioning of the lines and grease interceptor. It can also result in sanitary sewer overflows, which are a public health hazard. The Federal Clean Water Act prohibits sewer overflows and if your business is found to have had these overflows, you could find yourself with a significant fine.

You can prevent all of this by having one or more of your employees certified. It’s a very short course that allows the employee to become certified as soon as they complete the course. Best of all, they can take the course online and, once they complete and pass the course, they can then immediately print out their certificate.

The FOG certification course is offered by SLM for $75, a 50% discount from the regular price of $150. To sign up, go to and click the button for FOG Certification.

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