Dumpster Wash That Packs a Punch

adobestock_82849605Why should a dumpster be washed when it is just going to get dirty again anyway?

There is a common misconception that trash goes in a dumpster so there’s no reason to clean the trash receptacle, but dumpsters and chutes need to be washed for sanitary reasons. Trash bags will often leak liquids, food and grease that can create mold, which is often the cause of the odor.

A manicured lawn and clean sidewalk might fall under the category of curve appeal, but a clean dumpster can play into that role too.

When customers walk up to a restaurant, they desire to smell the aroma of fresh food, inspiring them to spend money and time at that restaurant.  The do not want to walk up to a business that has an unpleasant smell of decaying trash due to a dumpster. Horrible smells often attract rodents and pests to your property. Waste that animals leave behind can be a health hazard as well.

Super Citrus Dumpster Wash is not just limited to chutes and dumpsters; it can be used for outside trash cans. Many city ordinances require businesses to clean trash receptacles. It is best to exceed standards for the health hazards that a dirty dumpster can provide to those in the food and hospitality, health and housing industries.

Don’t worry about harsh chemicals because the key ingredient is citronella, which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. SLM’s mission is to always use products that help protect the environment. Citronella, which is a lemongrass oil, wards away mosquitoes and pests, as well as a powerful antiseptic. Super Citrus Dumpster Wash is perfect regardless of what season you are in.

The surrounding area of the dumpster should be cleaned to avoid injury by falling. A clean dumpster also prevents liability from dumpster divers, who might slip and fall on a greasy substance. When that dumpster starts to smell unappealing, it is time to take care of the underlying problem–the mold. Super Citrus Dumpster Wash does more than eliminate odors, it gets rid of grime while creating a safer environment for your business and your customers.

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