Eat Sustainably: Buy Local

Summer is finally here! That means locally grown food is right around the corner; literally! Restaurants are now taking the leap into purchasing locally grown food. The advantages to locally grown food seem endless when you look at the environmental benefits and overall quality.  If you want your restaurant to stand out, purchasing local food is the way to do it.

Local farms are less likely to use hormones and more likely to use organic methods of growing. Lack of hormones isn’t the only advantage to locally grown food. Here are a few others that will benefit your restaurant in a significant way:

  1. Freshness–Buying locally guarantees the absolute freshest produce you can buy. This is a major advantage for restaurants that want to stay consistent with seasonal changes on their menu and rely on fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.
  2. Food Miles – The amount of travel time for the produce is significantly reduced which not only saves on gas money but enhances the quality of freshness.
  3. Boosts Business–The idea of incorporating fresh, local grown food into a restaurant’s menu is a smart way to stay connected with the community as well as enhance its reputation for supporting other local businesses. It’s also a great way to serve healthy and seasonal plates that will be sure to impress your customers after every dining experience.
  4. Healthier for the Environment – Purchasing local produce from farmers nearby reduces the amount of gas and toxins that are released into the air that cause pollution. The closer the commute, the less harm we cause to our environment.

Purchasing locally grown food may not seem like the easiest option for major restaurant chains but it is well worth the extra effort. Consumers look for restaurants that take interest in the food they prepare and expect the freshest, quality ingredients with every dish.  In the end, what matters most is the food and how it’s prepared. The fresher and healthier the food is, the better the turnover will be.

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