Eco-friendly cleaning ideas for items you may already have at home.

  1. Remove spots on your carpet with shaving cream: The foam breaks down the grease sticking to the carpet fibers and makes it easier to clean.
  2. Remove greasy fingerprints from walls with a slice of white bread: The absorbent and spongy nature of white bread works as a natural grime remover. Rub a slice of bread over smudges and marks will simply disappear!
  3. Get rid of burn stains from pots with cola: Let your pots and pans soak in the cola overnight and the stains will wipe right off, thanks to the acid in the soda.
  4. Spruce up dull wood furniture with beer: Residue from commercial cleaners and polishes makes wood look dull. “Beer cuts through all that and brings back the luster of the wood.” Apply with a soft cloth, gently rub and let dry.
  5. Use a tennis ball to remove scuff marks from your floor: Squirt a bit of water over the offending mark and rub with a tennis ball. The soft felt covering works at the spot and the marks are gone in a flash!

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