Eco-Friendly Tips for Icy Conditions

Spring is in the air! Well, almost! Unfortunately, we still have those blistery cold winter days and nights that prevent us from getting those 20 extra minutes of sleep because we have to wake up early and shovel the driveway. Although there is nothing pleasant about de-icing your driveway, there are some eco-friendly ways of preventing the ice buildup that might make your life a little easier and even sustainable at the same time.  Snow Shovel: One of the more obvious and widespread solutions would be to shovel the snow as soon as you have the opportunity, preferably as soon as the snow beings lying on the ground. In other words, the sooner, the better!

  1.       Snow Blower: If you purchased a snow blower in the past, by all means, use it! For those of you who have not yet purchased one, but would like to, invest in an electric model instead of a gas-power because they generate less air and noise pollution.
  2.     Snow Melt Mat: If you’re looking to be innovative and have the latest and greatest on your block, try installing a new driveway with electric wires to heat the driveway from below, which will radiate the heat upwards. It may not be as “eco-friendly” as shoveling the snow, but it’s a much better solution than using chemicals that may pollute the water and endanger plants and animals.
  3.     Get Some Traction: By scattering sand or birdseed on your driveway, it will give you traction so that you and your car won’t slip or slide on the ice. It may not melt the snow or ice, but when you’re in a hurry, the last thing you want is have an accident due to slippery ice.
  4.      Choose Salt Wisely: If you’re going to use salt, be sure to avoid Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride and any others that may contain cyanide; it has the potential to be harmful to plant growth.

Snow and ice can be hazardous and at times challenging, but with the help of these five eco-friendly tips, your driveways can stay ice-free and one less thing you need to worry about!


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