Fire Suppression – Rest Easy Knowing You’re Covered

394px-fireextinguisherabcNo matter what setting your business is in — from a fast food restaurant to a restaurant that serves dinner by candle light, or a busy warehouse with machinery, fires can occur and are a constant worry.

Having fire extinguishers strategically placed throughout your place of business can save the day. No one wants to think of losing their business to a fire, but that can be prevented with a properly maintained fire suppression system.

All businesses must adhere to rules and standards, but you need to be aware that the standards vary for healthcare providers, hotels, factories and the food service and hospitality industries.  For example, a kitchen that may have grease fires cannot be extinguished with water. It is important to become educated about objects that could pose a risk.

SLM will make sure all your fire extinguishers are up to date and compliant. It is recommended that fire extinguishers are checked annually. It is important to know what class fire extinguisher you need because this could prevent a costly or even deadly situation; an extinguishing agent will be different for based on the materials around the fire.

For example, if you were in the dining room of a restaurant, you might need a Class A fire extinguisher which is used for paper, wood and plastic. However, if a fire were to occur in a kitchen around flammable liquids such as oils, a class B fire extinguisher would be needed.  If a business in undergoing construction or the rewiring of a building, then Class E fire extinguishers are required for electrical fires.

A fire extinguisher that is expired can be recharged. However, if the fire extinguisher cannot be recharged it is advised that the pressure be released and SLM will dispose of the fire extinguisher.

If an employee uses a fire extinguisher they must alert a supervisor. Once an extinguisher is used, make sure it is refilled or replaced. The meter might say full, but the material in the fire extinguisher will deplete to where the fire extinguisher will not work properly during an emergency.

Fire suppression systems can lead to reduced insurance payments. At the time of a fire, a smoke detector will go off which will sound the alarm. An extinguishing agent will be released through a pipe system which will be expelled by a nozzle. Some extinguishing agents can be used on different types of fires.

After a fire, there are clean up procedures that a business must follow. Again, there are specific standards and regulations that must be followed, and it’s best to work with someone like SLM that understands the rules as well as your business.

SLM will help you be proactive to be prepared for these unexpected and undesirable events. It is our goal to save your business from thousands of dollars in damage due to one disastrous event.

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