Food Recovery Challenge

Recently, I stumbled, yes stumbled, onto the EPA  Food Recovery site.  WOW!!!  The EPA has a program called the Food Recovery Challenge. Feed people not Landfills!  The program challenges restaurants to reduce as much of their food waste as possible.

The above is the link to learn more and to participate.

The EPA estimates that half the food here in the United States is thrown away.   Half?Really?  Food is the number one material sent to landfills and incinerators each year.  That equals 14% of the MSW generated in the US!  Wow!  I was shocked to learn that less than 3% of our food waste is composted.

A FEW Food Service Waste Reduction Tips to help your piece of the world.

  • Serve beverages from a dispenser
  • Buy mixes in concentrate
  • Use refillable condiment dispensers (Health department approved of course)
  • Buy in volume if possible
  • Donate unserved food to a local food bank or shelter
  • Whenever possible prepare food to order
  • Use vegetable and meat trimmings for stock

What will you do with your surplus food or your food that is garbage?

I love the EPA slogan:  Source Reduction, Feed People, Feed Animals, Industrial uses, Composting then the last resort would be Landfill.

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