Greening your home doesn’t have to bust the budget.

Heat with care
Minimize your carbon footprint by only heating the rooms you actually use and close the doors to keep the heat inside. Another way of keeping heat in is to stick aluminum foil to the wall behind your radiator. The foil reflects the heat back into the room, keeping it warm for longer. Make sure that the foil doesn’t touch the radiator and that there’s no furniture in front of the radiator so that the warm air can make it past the sofa.

Recycle everything
Zero waste is practically impossible if you live in a city and are reliant on supermarkets and the gadgets of modern life, such as your phone or your computer. That said, it is possible to minimize the amount you send to landfills by recycling as much as possible and composting old food ( Also, remember to take your own carrier bags to do your shopping and consider having a go at up-cycling old clothes and furniture.

Grow your own veg
To truly green up your home, you need plant,s and lots of them. Flowers alone just won’t cut it, so try growing your own herbs on your windowsill or balcony. If you have a bit more space, try creating a vegetable patch and produce your own supply of organic cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots.

As I have said before only we can make the planet a better place for future generations!!

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