Here’s How to Spend Less Time Cleaning Grease Traps

  • Date: 13 May 2015
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Cleaning grease traps is not fun. A grease trap is an ingenious plumbing device that separates Fat, Oils, and Grease from water before entering the sewer system. It does so by using carefully placed flow diverters and secondary pipes. Because of these pipes, the grease rises to the top, and the heavier food particles fall to the bottom. All of this is great for the environment, for public utilities, and your restaurant – but then you have to clean it.

Cleaning grease traps is a dirty job. You must wait until all of your customers are gone because the smell is so bad. You should probably wear protective covering, or clothes you won’t mind throwing you. You need gloves and goggles and a mask to cover your mouth. Some restaurants pay to have this done so they won’t have to subject their employees to doing it. Nobody likes cleaning grease traps – it’s a job most people dread.

But there are some new environmentally friendly products that can lengthen the time between grease trap cleanings. It’s called bio-augmentation. Bio-augmentation works is through the introduction of a group of natural or genetically engineered bacteria to treat the contaminated water and solids within the grease traps. This is a passive treatment system to facilitate grease digestion and control buildup of the grease cap. Effectiveness is determined by factors such as retention time in the trap, temperature of the wastewater, the strength of the waste, and contact surface area.

By using bio-augmentation, to help eliminate unpredictable backups, you can significantly reduce the amount of oil and grease in the waste (to the values required by the sewage authorities or even lower), and grease trap pumping (by 40%-75%, according to a recent Restaurant Report).

The idea behind bio-augmentation is to use certain bacteria inside the pipes that will break down the grease. It’s a natural, passive solution that can either be done with DIY kits or through professionals. Besides being simpler and more cost effective, it also makes sense to use a naturally occurring bacteria instead of harsh chemicals to clean the grease from traps, especially as those chemicals can make their way back into the water supply. Bio-augmentation is still a new field, so be sure to consult a few companies and look up reviews before choosing a bio-augmentation company.

If you’d like to worry less about grease traps, contact SLM. SLM specializes in grease trap pumping and repairs, and are available 24/7/365. We hire only licensed and insured vendors and guarantee a vendor will be onsite within 4 hours. We offer regular maintenance, cleaning and verification of grease traps, interceptors and lift stations. We believe in proactive inspections and utilizing the most advanced equipment to eliminate backups. Our preventive and routine maintenance includes regularly scheduled clean-outs of grease traps, lift stations, and storm drains; and drain line cleaning and high pressure jetting of interior and exterior plumbing lines. We provide Peak-time service, even at night, to eliminate your customers’ exposure to offensive odors. We also use innovative methods, like Citrus bacteria, chemical components, and other continuous up-to-date research on proven new methods for grease trap pumping and servicing.

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