How Proactive Contracting Saved A Major Restaurant Chain $33,000

How Proactive Contracting Saved A Major Restaurant Chain $33,000

A chain restaurant had been experiencing something distinctly unappetizing: constant main line backups. They were told that their sewer lateral leading up to the city main about 30 feet away had collapsed.  And the city main was under a busy major highway.

Another vendor had given the restaurant a quote of $60,000, which would include digging through the complex parking lot and connecting to a different sewer system main approximately 100 feet away.  Worse, the vendors pitching for the restaurant’s business told them the Department of Transportation would take six months to approve any repairs under the highway, and that those associated costs would be astronomical.

Those vendors sat and waited. SLM was called, and immediately stepped up. SLM contacted the agencies, and was able to work with the city and the DOT to expedite this process.  SLM had approval and permits pulled within 3 weeks, and was able to get the work done, not for $60,000, but for $26,811.11…almost $33,000 less. This price included all equipment, labor, materials, and the DOT permit assistance and allowances.

During the 3 weeks of the approval process, SLM set up a recurring (2x per week) service with a sewer machine to prevent backups, and kept the busy restaurant location open for business.  Happy customers, happy owners.

MORAL: Never be afraid to pick up the phone.

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