How The Residents of Evansville, IN Are Tackling A Messy Situation


Properly disposing of kitchen grease isn’t just important for the sake of business owners– it’s vital to communities and the environment they inhabit. In Evansville, Indiana, city officials and restauranteurs alike are combining efforts to combat this culinary conundrum.

“Evansville has around a thousand food establishments producing and disposing grease,” reports the news outlet, Tristate Homepage. “The problem is not the grease from food, as much as the grease drained into pipes from washing dishes and cleaning floors. If not disposed properly, the grease is making it’s way inside sewer lines.”

Cities and townships across the country have strict ordinances in place for businesses to dispose of grease properly and Evansville is no exception.  The city has an ordinance which “requires food establishments to install a grease trap. Now, it’s finally being enforced.” The person leading the enforcement is Allen Mounts, Director of Evansville Water & Sewage operations. “The inspector has been funded for this year. They will be out and randomly inspecting places around the city,” says Mounts.

Improper disposal of kitchen grease doesn’t just cause issues for a restaurant, it affects the entire neighboring infrastructure. As grease builds up it can create massive clogs in sewage systems. “Eventually that all fills in, and the sewage doesn’t have anywhere to go, but back,” says Mounts.

Make sure your restaurant or business is in compliance with state and local regulations and is properly disposing of grease and other waste.  It’s not just good for your business, it’s vital to the health of your community and the planet.

Source: Tristate Homepage

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