How To Take A Sustainable Vacation

Sustainability seems to recently be taking precedence within our society and overall daily routine of life. American travelers are starting to make more of a conscious effort to become more sustainable and make environmentally friendly decisions within their travel. With summer and the hot weather rapidly approaching, now is an ideal time to start planning the next family vacation. In conjunction with the theme of living sustainable and making “greener” decisions, why not take a sustainable vacation?

Ecotourism is a principle that compliments the idea of a sustainable vacation very well. “Traveling to natural areas in a way that preserves the local environment and culture while generating income and sustaining employment for the local population.” ( Keeping this visualization in mind makes it easier to green your vacation and make better sustainable solutions along the journey.

Whether you stay local or travel to an exotic paradise, the concept remains the same. Here’s how to make the most out of your sustainable vacation:

  1.   Research. Do your research well in advance and study up on environmental issues within the destination you wish to visit.
  2.   Book with sustainable travel companies. Search for travel agencies that specialize in green tours.
  3.   Reserve a green hotel. Choose a hotel that supports energy and water conservation as well as eco-friendly amenities.
  4.   Respect the environment. Be sure to dispose of trash sensibly and admire the animals and plant life from a safe distance to not disturb their natural features.
  5.   Purchase sustainable souvenirs. Buy locally made items that support the native civilization.
  6.  Visit local organizations. Choose local restaurants, events, shopping areas and car rentals.

Taking a sustainable vacation will not only improve the environment we live in by reducing the consumption of water, energy and natural resources, it will also help us to make smarter environmental decisions and think green on a continual basis. Do your part this summer by taking a sustainable vacation and make a substantial impact on the environment we live in.

Happy traveling!


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