The Importance of F-O-G Certification

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Fats, Oils, and Grease.  F-O-G.  Managing this waste, which is generated by food preparation, is a challenge for any food service establishment, whether it be a restaurant, caterer, hotel, school, hospital, prison, correctional facility or care institution – basically, any place that serves food.

When the kitchen, dishes, and equipment are cleaned, the F.O.G is washed down the drain where it cools and separates from the dishwater. The separated F.O.G accumulates in private drains, sewer pipes, and other sewage collection and treatment structures. The buildup of F.O.G can lead to blockages and drain backups that could be detrimental to the functionality of lines, the grease interceptor, and could even contribute to failed inspections that may incur fines.

F.O.G impacts sewer systems around the country, and is a major cause of sewage spills and accidents.  Municipalities have, since the beginning of the 21st century, determined that the best way to prevent the introduction of fats, oils and grease into the sewer lines is to prevent their introduction into the sewer systems at the source. Many food service establishments are now required to implement and demonstrate compliance with local laws to maintain their license to operate.

The basic idea behind F.O.G certification is to teach food service workers and grease haulers how to prevent sanitary sewer backups caused by improper handling and disposal of fats, oils, and grease. Depending upon your locality, each restaurant or food service establishment may be required to have staff on the premises who hold a current F.O.G certification. Likewise, grease haulers are required to take a test and become certified as well.

Online FOG certification program NYSLM now offers an online course for F.O.G Certification.  Through the course, students will learn the industry best practices for preventing the introduction of F.O.G into local sewer systems, proper maintenance of grease traps and water lines, and safe, sustainable methods to dispose of the F.O.G by-products.

By taking the course and earning certification, you can come into compliance with local laws and regulations and better ensure your business’s ability to meet the standards of your local community.  It’s one more step towards better and sustainable business practices throughout your operation, and it is easier than ever to gain certification through SLM’s new online program.

For additional information, click here and take advantage of our current special rate of $75, a 50 percent savings over other certification programs.  Best of all, you can complete the program online.

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