Dumpster deodorizing

It’s a scene reenacted over and over, pretty much everywhere…

HE:      What’s the matter?

SHE:    You don’t smell that?

HE:      I don’t smell anything.

SHE:    There’s an open window behind your head. I bet there’s a dumpster on the other side.

HE:      (Being served) Are we still sharing the minestrone?

When a diner’s first impression of your restaurant is “It stinks in here,” it’s time to take a hard look (and sniff?) at what needs attention—starting with your dumpster.

1. Power Washing

Dumpsters accumulate grime and odors. Power Washing is safe and effective. The high-powered jet stream of clean water cuts through the sticky and the icky without the use of any chemicals. Dumpsters can be professionally power washed by the hauler, or at the location itself with the hauler’s permission. Don’t forget to pull the dumpster plug before the big bath!

2. Dumpster Swaps

Most haulers will happily swap out a funky dumpster due to odors…but beware! Some may charge outrageous swap fees and take weeks to complete. Check your waste removal contract to see how many swaps are included for each year, or during the duration of the contract.

3. Super Citrus

For industrial-strength odors, SLM created our own Super Citrus Dumpster Wash a powerful dumpster deodorizing system for restaurants, hotels, schools and others who require maximum deodorizing. It’s now available online. And we’re pretty proud of it.

4. Bagging it

Keeping both the interior and exterior of a dumpster cleaner longer goes a long way toward cutting off bad odors at the source.  And it starts with basic bagging common sense:

  • Tie up bags tight
  • Sling with care
  • Double bag if leaking or ripped
  • Try not to dump liquids

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