Light Bulb Recycling

             Like many other products that are made to be “disposable” but  shouldn’t just be thrown away, light bulbs can be a difficult thing to dispose of properly. Used light bulbs are considered “hazardous” material and as such are illegal to simply throw away. The chemical compounds inside the bulbs are extremely hazardous to the environment and will cause severe problems if these chemicals infiltrated a water supply. Of course, the difficult thing is to determine how to properly dispose of them.

                For the residential community, light bulb disposal can be a bit difficult. Many townships offer recycling programs for used light bulbs, but in addition, some major home retailing companies accept unbroken CFL bulbs. The best solution to the problem is when you are changing out light bulbs in your household, put all used bulbs inside the packaging the new bulbs were in. Set aside a box in a safe place for storage and when the box is full, check out your area for a drop-off recycling center that accepts the type of bulbs you are disposing of.

                For most businesses, light bulb disposal is a simple process. There are light bulb recycling packs that can be provided to each location by the trash management company. SLM is proud of our light bulb recycling program, which is made extremely easy by shipping empty boxes of the appropriate size to the location with pre-paid shipping labels. The used bulbs can then be packed inside and once the box is full, a simple phone call to the number provided on the label will generate a pickup and away they go.

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