SLM services doctors’ offices, hospitals, dialysis and other medical centers, assisted living communities, and the broader healthcare community with medical facilities management that features expertise in removal of infectious waste, hazardous/infectious waste container purchasing & delivery, and sharps services.

Please call 888.847.4449 to discuss cost-effective medical waste management at your facility.

Licensed, compliant, accountable

We deploy only licensed medical waste providers and deliver services tailored to your needs. We provide customers with detailed monthly reporting and manifests. Customers know they can count on SLM for compliance with local, state and federal regulations, and the safe, lawful disposal of contaminated and infectious medical wastes.

Medical - SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide

We handle all regulated infectious waste, including: single-use disposables (needles, syringes, gloves, laboratory items), surgical samples, blood products, bodily fluids, cultures or stocks of infectious agents.
Because SLM routinely re-bids jobs and maintains preferred status with licensed vendors, cost savings are passed along to customers.
SLM ensures your property is appealing in every sense, and we do it all for you:

  • Contained waste collection
  •  Sweeping and power washing of parking lots
  •  Grease management
  •  Kitchen exhaust cleaning
  •  Emergency support
  •  Trash Audit Program
  •  Consolidated services for facilities management
  •  Grease Traps and Cooking Oil
  •  Grease Trap Cleaning & Repair, Internal & External
  •  Cooking Oil Pick Up
  •  Lift Stations
  •  Jetting, Snaking, Plumbing
  •  Direct Connect Systems
  •  Waste and Recycling
  •  Roll-off Dumpster & Compactor Pick Ups
  •  Composting
  •  Property Maintenance
  •  Power Washing
  •  Utility Billing Scrutiny & Savings for all services

We keep your facilities running smoothly, safely, and in accordance with your customers’ highest expectations, at the lowest cost possible.


  • Stay in compliance with local ordinances and correct disposal
  • All vendors are background checked, drug tested, licensed and insured
  • Ensure the safe disposal of medical waste by professional vendors

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Service Testimonial

“It’s great working with SLM personnel. They eliminated all my waste problems and continued to save money.”
Retail Owner

“SLM saved us money and frustration from the beginning”
Restaurant Owner

SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide
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