Olympics Inspire Healthy Living

The summer Olympics are always an exciting time. It’s a chance for each country to become unified and cheer on their fellow countrymen as they compete for the ultimate prize. This summer, the UK Government and the International Olympic Committee made a commitment to set new sustainable standards for all Olympic events in the future. The 2012 Olympiad promotes energy efficiency, water conservation, biodiversity and waste diversion. Not only do this year’s Olympics inspire sustainability within the Olympic arena, they encourage healthy living for us all.

Here are a few suggestions to help green your life:

1. Green Your Workout: Who says you have to spend $50 dollars a month at the gym just to work out? Take advantage of the outdoors, especially during the spring and summer seasons; it’s free! Not only is it free, but you are lowering the amount of gas emissions you release into the air by not driving.

2. Eat Healthy: The athletes of the 2012 Summer Olympics make up an elite team of some of the best trained individuals in the world. To be the best, it’s important to eat healthy on a daily basis. Snacking throughout the day can be extremely healthy for your diet. However, it’s important to be aware of certain snacks that will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to stray strong and healthy. Fruit, vegetable and nuts are all great choices that are high in fiber, protein and nutrients. Steer clear of the high calorie, high sugar content and artificially flavored snacks that will only slow you down throughout the day.

3. Entertain Sustainably: The Summer Olympics are a great excuse to invite friends and family over for a get-together. Give your AC a break for the evening and host your party outside. Avoid using paper plates and plastic utensils and set up an area to recycle any used cans or bottles. Create a healthy menu that provides a variety of nutrient enriched foods that your guests can all enjoy.

The Olympics are a true reflection of how hard work and healthy living pay off. Be inspired this summer by the 2012 Olympic athletes and transform your lifestyle into one that represents a healthy diet, greener work outs and sustainability throughout every aspect of your life.


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