Recycle that tire!

At the end of 2003, the EPA reports the United States discarded 290 million tires.  I can tell you where these tires are because SLM is called in to pick them up and recycle them.  They are found in parking lots, dumpster corrals, dumpsters, abandoned lots and the city landfill.  The really good news is that you can recycle these tires.  EcoBorder, a made in the USA manufacture,  is a favorite company of mine. Check out their website for what your tire could look like!!!

These tires also can be recycled and reused in a number of different types of products.  Manufactures can reuse the rubber for: shock-absorbent material for playgrounds, ground into fuel and burned alongside coal and other fuel products, or even retreaded so that they can be sold as recycled tires. Recycling tires isn’t difficult; give SLM a call so we can help you dispose of them responsibility.

If you are building an ecofriendly business recycled tires can be used in many of the products you may purchase.  Rubberized Asphalt, Flooring, Outdoor surfaces like trails, tracks, playgrounds,  mats for equipment, rubber mulch, rubber encased railroad ties, plus hundreds more.  Rubblox, another favorite US Made manufacturer, makes furniture from recycled tires.

Recycle and make a difference.  Have an impact in your space!

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