SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide Announces F.O.G. Certification Course

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 – Green Lane, Pennsylvania – SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide recently announced a new F.O.G. (Fats, Oils, Grease) Certification Course on their newly redesigned website.

“We are truly excited to launch this F.O.G certification program. SLM is forever linked to restaurant best practices, and we are focused on helping to inform everyone in the industry on these practices. The purpose of SLM’s F.O.G certification program is to educate those in the food service industry and grease haulers on preventing sewer backups caused by improper disposal of F.O.G, or fats, oils, and grease. Since many localities may require food service establishments to have a staff member who holds a F.O.G certification on hand, we wanted to make it easy for anyone in the industry or any grease hauler to become F.O.G certified.”

F.O.G. is generated during food preparation at restaurants and other food service establishments. When dishes and equipment are cleaned, F.O.G. washes down the drain where it cools and separates from the dishwater. The separated F.O.G. accumulates in private drains, sewer pipes, and other sewage collection and treatment structures. The build up of F.O.G. can lead to blockages and drain backups that could be detrimental to the functionality of lines and the grease interceptor. F.O.G. could also lead to sanitary sewer overflows, which are a public health hazard. Sewer overflows are prohibited under the Federal Clean Water Act and could result in significant fines to the offending business.

Some examples of F.O.G. are kitchen cooking grease, vegetable oil, and animal fats. In many states and municipalities, at least one employee of a food service establishment is required to have FOG certification.

SLM’s F.O.G. Certification Course allows you to get certified as soon as you finish the course. There’s no waiting for the certificate to arrive in the mail: you just print it right from your computer. For a short time only, SLM is offering the course for $75, a 50% discount from the regular price of $150. To sign up, go to and click the button for FOG Certification.

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