Sustainability: An Eco-Friendly Business Strategy for Every Business

green-light_f1TMDAUu_medYou now live in a day and age where the term “waste not, want not” is becoming more and more true.

Business are recycling and upcycling, people desire to buy local, farmers’ markets have vendors selling organic and grain-fed meats and compost-only-grown vegetables, and cars are now running on more electric and less gas.

You and I live in a sustainable world, and sustainability and sustainable living can help save money and influence others to better their world, a world we all share. You and your neighbors have a personal responsibility to sustainable living, while businesses have a corporate social responsibility.

While technology has taken over our lives, it remains pencil, paper and pen in the classroom. Backpacks lugged down by reports and notebooks and fancy pens and textbooks and binders – it’s a lot of paper and all those items get a lot of daily use.

Save money and the environment by buying and using recycled products. Paper companies now offer consumers a recycled paper option. Binders are reused every year for different subjects. Friends share school supplies with one another. Recycled paper and other recycled products are always there, reusable, saving you money and sustaining them for the future.

Sustainability doesn’t stop at the classroom. It works in the home or workplace too, a place where waste is commonplace and ends up either in an incinerator or landfill. Things like yogurt cups, plastic utensils, wrappings from snacks and dinners, empty ketchup bottles and empty milk containers can all be recycled and reused. Single-stream recycling saves money and energy too.

Sustainability also lives in the neighborhood. When you buy local, you are buying fresh – enhanced by the quality thanks to the food being grown around the corner – and you are boosting business by putting investment back into your community. Community builds community: Now the local farmers’ market is supporting the nonprofit food pantry down the street.

Cars also breed sustainability – environmental sustainability. Yes, your grandma’s gas-guzzler can be eco-friendly. Take the tires, for instance, which can be recycled into the rubber playground “mulch” that her grandchildren fall on at recess, or the rubber track that she runs on when she exercises daily.

Then, there’s the gas in that car. It’s not cheap to come by and all of the emissions are not the best for Planet Earth. Thankfully, her car, and your car, come equipped with cruise control and required annual inspections, and rules about proper tire inflation and recommended oil change methods.

In the end, it’s a fuller tank, a fatter wallet and a healthier environment.

If small business consulting for sustainability is on your mind, SLM Facility Solutions and its environmental consultants have all the answers. There’s a free assessment too.

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