Sustainable School Supplies

Back to school season is here! Like every year, the list of school supplies can be very overwhelming. Notebooks, folders, binders, pens, pencils, etc. are flying off the shelves and into book bags. One of the best ways to save a few dollars AND contribute to the future of these supplies is to look for recycled materials. Most new paper products have an alternative – new materials made out of recycled paper. Shopping around to find these items may be a bit difficult in your area however they are always worth looking for. Before you buy brand new supplies, also work with family and friends who may have some of the supplies your child needs. Sharing school supplies that may just be lying around someone else’s house is a great way to save money.

 While shopping for supplies, be sure to include your children on what you are looking for and why. Explaining the importance of using recycled materials to children when they are young starts them off on a good habit, which will hopefully be reinforced throughout their lives and will lead to future generations also embracing the importance of recycling and sustainability.

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