Let’s face it, no matter what kind of business you have, sooner or later someone will drive right off the street and right into your shop…through the big display window. Speaking of smashing things, if you’re a retailer featuring a Black Friday stampede—um, sale, you’ll have some massive cleanup to do on Saturday. It’s situations […]

Prevent Introduction of FOG through Regular Maintenance

To prevent the introduction of fats, oils and grease (FOG) into the local sewer and water systems, it’s imperative that you follow recommended maintenance practices for your grease traps and interceptors. The grease traps and interceptor systems must be inspected to insure proper functionality during each pump out occurrence. For an interceptor, (750 gallons or […]

Why You Need a Handyman

At any large facility or group of facilities, ongoing maintenance can quickly become overwhelming.  Without regular maintenance, your facility can quickly fall into a state of disrepair. Likewise, when you have ongoing maintenance issues from light electrical, to plumbing, to patching and painting, or even installing fixtures, your day can quickly become filled with appointments, […]

Ongoing Maintenance Challenges can be Solved with a Handyman Service

With a large facility or group of facilities, ongoing maintenance can quickly become overwhelming. But at what point could your facilities benefit from a commercial handyman service? Without regular maintenance, your facility can fall into a state of disrepair. When you have ongoing maintenance issues from light electrical to plumbing to patching and painting or even […]

Cleaning the Exhaust Hood Now stops Problems Later

Greasy buildup inside hoods and ductwork can become a safety hazard of its own. Protecting against this hazard requires regular and thorough cleaning of the exhaust hood, exhaust hood filters, and ductwork. Grease buildup inside the hood duct system is among the leading causes of restaurant fires, and proper maintenance and cleaning can drastically reduce this risk. […]

Tackle your Storage Challenges with a Bulk Pick Up

Last month, a Philadelphia news website was given a tour of Philadelphia’s City Hall, and the big takeaway from the coverage was the over 500 pieces of outdated office furniture stacked up for hundreds of feet in a sub-basement of City Hall.  Mountains of old desks, filing cabinets, chairs, lamps and other equipment, some of […]

Refrigerant Leaks Can Cost You

Refrigerant leaks result in inefficiencies and higher operating costs at your facility.  They also result in occupant discomfort, and the inability of your HVAC system to meet the cooling and heating requirements of your building. Losses due to leaks can be significant and often go unnoticed, especially in a multi-building distribution system where piping may […]

Why Should You Think about Sustainability?

You often read or hear stories about “sustainability.”  You may ask, what does it mean? The best answer we’ve found is it refers to those things that we do and plan in everyday activities that support the present and future cultural, economic, environmental and social fabric of our lives, country, region and the world. As […]

Unexpected Repairs Got You Down?

No one likes to walk up to a business and see graffiti on the walls outside, a cracked sidewalk on the way in, or flaking and peeling paint on the walls. Something even worse? How about faulty plumbing! Let’s face it, you may never know when a vandal or criminal act defaces your property.  It […]

Fire Suppression – Rest Easy Knowing You’re Covered

No matter what setting your business is in — from a fast food restaurant to a restaurant that serves dinner by candle light, or a busy warehouse with machinery, fires can occur and are a constant worry. Having fire extinguishers strategically placed throughout your place of business can save the day. No one wants to […]

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