The Bugs of Summer

With warmer weather always comes one of nature’s wonderful problems, bugs. Ants, mosquitoes, bees, flies, etc., come to life and into your home the warmer it gets. Outdoors, we expect to see them, however when they start to come inside, many people start to break out the pesticides. Most pesticides (chemical sprays and traps) are not only fatal to the insects but to other animals as well as the environment itself! Pesticide sprays can be absorbed into the ground and get into water supplies, which you may wind up ingesting. There are many other ways to avoid the pending pest problem, environmentally (and pet) friendly by using items you may find around your house.

Bees, wasps and hornets love to build nests in places like the eaves of porch roofs and pool rims. One simple way to keep them from building nests is to block off the area that they tend to inhabit. If it is too late to do so, keep an eye on the hive. Once the queen has left, you are safe to remove the nest and fill it with dirt. Also, keep all sugar and meat products away from the areas where they may build nests.

Similarly, ants and flies are attracted to food sources. Keep food securely stored and this will reduce the allure. However, lemon juice and vinegar are a great deterrent. The strong odor blocks the scenting of the ants and flies, causing them to leave the area of this smell. A small cup of apple cider vinegar kept in the kitchen keeps the flies away.

Whatever type of “pest” you may have visit this summer, keep in mind that they have their own purpose in nature’s grand scheme and you don’t have to kill them to keep them out of your house.

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