The Sustainable Workplace

As Director of Marketing for SLM, one of my internal marketing responsibilities involves keeping all at SLM up to date on sustainable practices. We here at SLM all share a common goal, to be 100% sustainable in everything we do. Below are some of the simple, every day practices SLM partakes in to make an environmental impact in our business setting.

  1. We are smart printers: That’s right, we do not waste paper. We only print those items which need to be printed and when we need to print more than one page, we print double-sided.

  1. We make recycling everyday items easy: We have placed recycling bins in central locations and have properly labeled each bin, so everyone knows where their items must go.

  1. We prefer home cooked meals: While it is not a requirement, we strongly advise our employees to bring food from home in reusable containers. Less outside waste (i.e. take out) means less office waste!

  1. We say no to wasteful water bottles: Thanks to an ingenious suggestion from one of our employees, SLM now uses a water bottle free system for drinking water. It’s really quite simple. We have a small, counter top machine hooked up to our main water line and all water that goes in is filtered by a special process. The result: fresh, clean, and cheap drinking water! Since switching to this new system, we have saved over $5,000 on drinking water compared to what we were spending on the expensive water cooler. The cups we use? – ceramic mugs! No thank you to plastic cups.

  1. We like dark rooms: Well, sort of. Our general rule to everyone who walks through our doors whether employee or not, is to always shut a light off if no one is in the room, that includes the restrooms. There is no reason to waste precious energy if no one is even in the room! For those who work late, we have installed motion detector lighting in certain areas around the building.

  1. We keep it clean, naturally: When our office is cleaned, we require that any and all cleaning supplies meet the EPA’s Environmentally Preferred Purchasing guidelines or make sure they have a green seal of approval. A naturally cleaned office means healthy and happy employees!

Being sustainable is a team effort. Luckily, I work with some of the savviest “green” people who always do his or her part in making our office more sustainable. Since our sustainable efforts began, we have been able to cut costs and help the environment in the process. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to print something, double sided of course!

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