Think Before You Print

Are you looking for ways to become more sustainable within the workplace? A great way to become more eco-friendly and potentially increase your bottom line is to be more aware of what you print before you print it. Keeping track of what you print and cutting back on the amount of paper you use is a great way to initiate a sustainable mentality within the office. Too often we get careless with the amount of paper we use on a daily basis and end up wasting valuable resources as well as the money it costs to purchase those resources.

SLM is currently participating in a campaign to lessen the amount of printing within the office as a whole. “Think Before You Print” is an internal operation that was put into effect here at SLM in an effort to contribute to our goal of being more sustainable. We want to encourage the employees at SLM to make a conscious effort to become more sustainable and eco-friendly within their everyday responsibilities in the office. Most programs that are available have user friendly printing options that allow you to select the specific areas that you would like to print.

Here are five essential tips to keep in mind before printing:

  1. Use both sides of the paper
  2. Go digital – read, send and store digital documents
  3. Be selective about what you print
  4. Reach for the right paper
  5. Recycle

Paper accounts for more than half of all trash and can add up very quickly. Do what you can to reduce the amount of paper that ends up in the trash by making smarter choices when you print. You have the opportunity to make a sustainable impact on your office by conserving paper and money. Becoming more aware of what we print is a small way to contribute to smarter sustainable solutions that will improve the environment we live in.

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