Time to Check Your Pipes!

plumbingColder weather is approaching, making this a good time to remind everyone of the need for the great plumbing services we offer at SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide.

We offer full-service plumbing solutions, including jetting, snaking and pumping, as well as basic plumbing services. SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide is available 24/7/365, and can have a technician on site within four hours of an initial emergency call. All our services are performed by licensed and insured specialists.

A great way to be pro-active and fend off an emergency is to take advantage of our preventative maintenance services.  For example, jetting is the preventative service that helps keep kitchen lines flowing properly by cleaning with high-pressure streams of water to clean out debris and buildup. Inlet/outlet jetting involves the cleaning of the lines from the restaurant to the grease trap, and then from the grease trap to the main line. Drain line jetting involves cleaning the drains in areas such as the kitchen, bar, mop closet, lavatory, etc. Sanitary line jetting involves cleaning the lines from the bathroom out to the main connection line.  SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide can schedule preventative maintenance service for the cleaning of drains for all our clients who this service impacts. We can also schedule one-time services for the cleaning of the drains.

Snaking is the use of a long metal tube with a cable on one end and a crank on the other end. Our commercial drain cleaning companies offer a snaking system that contain a bigger auger and thicker cables that are rotated using a motor-powered machine. This is then used to cut through clogs and obstructions within the line. Snaking is the preferred choice for older, fragile lines as it reduces the likelihood of damaging the line.  Our professionals at SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide actively manage clogs, leaving our customer the time and the ability to stay open and focus on the business at hand.

We also offer pumping services for regular maintenance, cleaning and verification of grease traps, grease interceptors, lift stations, and the cleaning out of grease traps, lift stations, and storm drains. Other services available are clogged pipes, water pressure tests, drain repairs/replacement, preventative maintenance programs, regular scheduled maintenance, and servicing on pipes of all sizes. Comprehensive service includes full pump out and scraping the sides of the grease trap/interceptor. Our specialists perform proactive inspections at each pump to eliminate backups, and provide feedback on any buildup levels found within the tank.

By working with SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide, we ensure that each location follows all applicable mandates. We take the hassle out of ensuring your preventative maintenance service is scheduled.  Taking advantage of our scheduled pumping service helps prevent odor problems and health hazards associated with blockages. In addition, our scheduled pumping service helps prevent discharge of grease, oil, and food solids into the sewer while promoting efficient flow of grease and wastewater.

We have the team in place and the experience to help your business with all your plumbing services, including preventative maintenance.  For additional information on the services we provide, visit our website at http://www.slmwaste.com.

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