Unexpected Repairs – Be Prepared

slm-handyman-tools-graphicNo business owner or manager wants to think about unexpected repairs that are needed for their facilities, and it’s nice to have a resource that provides affordable and reliable, reputable repair services.

SLM wants to save you time on conducting research for different repair services with SLM’s Handyman services. Regardless of the type of job from woodwork to plumbing, SLM can find the right Handyman for your needs.   Our team of licensed and insured Handymen can help you with renovations, installations or repairs.  We can help with plumbing painting, tile repair or installation, stucco, fencing, even furniture assembly.  Need new fixtures installed?  How about cleaning up graffiti on your property?

We even have 24/7/365 emergency services, just in case.

Our Handyman services are perfect for businesses that are expanding, as well as ones that just want a change of décor. If your business is opening a new office branch, you can call SLM for Handymen to assemble cubicles and office furniture.

If your business has that list of repairs lying around because you’ve been waiting to find the perfect repair service, then now is the time to call SLM about our Handyman services.

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