Use Your Gas Wisely!

Summer is rapidly approaching and that means long trips to the beach are already in the making! The last thing you want to worry about are SKY HIGH gas prices to and from your vacation destination. Unfortunately, the high demand for gas and fluctuating prices are something we can’t control. However, there are ways (tricks, really) to save your hard earned gas money and maybe even help out Mother Earth at the same time!

  1.  Carpool – Carpooling is a simple and economical way to significantly reduce gas mileage and decrease the amount of trips you make during the week. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our personal, daily routines, but carpooling gives you the opportunity to help improve the planet by diminishing the amount of gas emissions that are released into the atmosphere and cause pollution.
  2.   Cruise Control – Did you know that cruise control can actually help save gas? By keeping your vehicle at a steady speed and reducing the amount of times you hit the accelerator, your automobile will perform more efficiently and you’ll end up saving money and gas at the same time. You might also avoid a couple speeding tickets in the process!
  3.  Annual Maintenance – Keeping up with your vehicles annual maintenance will greatly impact the longevity and efficiency of your car and how it operates. Uphold proper tire pressure and keep your car tuned up on a regular basis and you will see the best possible results with your vehicle.  You will also end up saving several problematic issues that may have otherwise occurred due to lack of maintenance.

These three tips may not lower the gas prices at your local pump, but they will ensure a fuller gas tank, improved savings and increased environmental awareness at the same time. Be sure to apply these simple tips to your life and watch the savings grow!

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