Water Leaks Can Cost You

Water Leaks

Being a property or facilities manager is a career that requires wearing several hats. You must be informed of current trends and regulations in various fields directly related to managing several properties simultaneously – such as plumbing, HVAC, electrical, fire safety, OSHA, and waste removal regulations.

Plumbing is at the top of the priority list for property and facility managers to handle daily. For example, if you currently oversee commercial properties with millions of square feet of space, or are a property manager of an apartment community boding 400 units, you are certainly bound to come across some form of plumbing issues regularly.

Commercial property managers know plumbing issues are a challenge all its own. It can take the pressure from you when you know you have a reputable plumbing contractor to work with.

Did you know that a single leaking toilet can waste up to 90,000 gallons of water in a month? This can result in huge water bills. Spread this across numerous toilets and numerous properties and the water bills can be beyond exorbitant.  Working with a qualified plumbing professional can help you track down leaks of all types, as well as help you reduce your water consumption and your water bills. Not only is tracking down a leaking toilet good for your pocket book, but it also helps save our natural resources.

There are multiple issues you may face that require calling a qualified plumbing professional for a quick remedy, such as broken pipes, or overflowing toilets and/or flooded bathrooms, corroded pipes, gas line leaks, or sewage leakage.

It is your obligation to ensure that all your facility’s tenants are working in the building safely and happily. Having a plumbing issue does not have to ruin your day, you simply need a reputable service to handle all jobs big or small, and fast!

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