What Can You Do For Our Environment?

Every day we should be asking ourselves, “what can I do to make our environment better?”

Here are a few easy ways you can do your part:

1. Use a rag or hand towel instead of napkins or paper towels 
Reusing items instead of using disposable items is almost always better for the environment. Reduce the need to cut down trees, the power needed to turn them into napkins, and the space in the landfill once you throw them away.

2. Turn off the lights 
If you leave a room, even for a little while, turn off the lights. You don’t need it, and it’s wasting energy.

3. Skip the foil and plastic wrap 
Use reusable plastic food containers to store leftovers or other food in the fridge and cabinets, instead of disposable material.

4. Reuse printed paper 
If you have non-sensitive documents that have been printed out, but are no longer needed, try marking the printed side, and using the clean side for non-official printing. In fact, if you can get your office to do this, you’ll save tons of paper a year!

5. Unplug appliances 
If you don’t use an appliance several times a day, it’s better to unplug it, as they often use energy even when turned off.

6. Use cloth shopping bags 
Don’t cost much and can save a lot of paper or plastic.

7. Buy in bulk 
Reduces the need for packaging, and costs less.

8. Plant shade trees near your house 
It’ll take awhile before they can make a difference, but shade trees greatly reduce the need to cool a home.

9. Water grass early in the morning 
Reduces the amount of water you need to keep your grass looking fabulous.

10. Recycle 
Sure, it’s a regular practice in some places, with curb-side pickup of recycled waste. But in other places, there’s no such thing. Instead, create a few containers for paper, plastic and aluminum waste in your home or office. When it’s full, drop it off at a local recycling center (look in your phone book) on your errands day.

By doing these few things you will save money, energy and our planet for future generation. Thank you in advance!

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