What to do With Leftover Paint!

Call SLM to properly dispose of your paint.

Coatings Association, paint can last for years when you follow these proper storage tips:

  • Cover the opening with plastic wrap.
  • Make sure the lid fits securely so the paint doesn’t leak.
  • Store the paint can upside down; that creates a tight seal around the lid, keeping the paint fresh until you need it again.

You’ve probably got at least a few partially used cans of paint or stain sitting around your business.  Should you hold on to them for touch-up jobs or call SLM to dispose of?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently estimated that as much as 69 million gallons of paint are left over annually in the United States. That’s enough paint to cover 27.6 billion square feet each and every year, or the five boroughs of New York City—some 303 square miles—more than three times.
Check the label. Paint made before 1978 might contain lead, and paint made before 1991 might contain mercury. Both materials should be listed on the paint label. If they’re not and you’re concerned that the paint contains either of those neurotoxins, use http://greenerchoices.org/ to locate the information.

Water-based, or latex, paint can be recycled into new paint or it can even be used to create non-paint products such as cement. Oil-based, or alkyd, paint is usually used for fuel blending—meaning it’s burned to create energy at a power plant.

Call SLM to find out how to properly dispose of it in your area. Each municipality has different requirements, depending on whether the paint is oil or water-based.

Go Green!

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