Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!

Fire Extinguisher SafetyThink about this for a moment… your restaurant is filled to capacity on a major holiday, things are just fine and then in a split second, you’ve got a fire in your kitchen! Grease and fire do not play well together and you could find your restaurant emptying out of all those patrons the second they get a whiff of the smoke coming from your kitchen.

Just think about all the triggers that exist for a fire in your restaurant: deep fat fryers, ranges, griddles, char-broilers, woks, upright broilers, chain-broilers, filters, plenum chambers, hoods and ducts. Every one of these represents a potential for a fire and if you’re not prepared, you can see your business literally go up in smoke.

Having your fire extinguishers clearly visible and readily available can make the difference between getting on with your business and shutting it down. SLM ensures fire extinguishers are in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, NFPA codes and local requirements and that they’re mounted and functioning properly. SLM is here to take that worry off your mind.

If you’d like to have us do a FREE assessment of your fire extinguishers or you’d like to have them serviced or replaced, give us a call at 888-847-4449 or email us at gina.ferraro@slmwaste.com and we’ll get you all take care of.

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