You Think Recycling Isn’t Worth It Anymore? Think Again!

green-recycle-arrows_fyFSfE_u_LRecently, there have been a lot of people in the waste and recycling business complaining that recycling isn’t worth doing because the economics of recycling don’t make sense anymore. A recent piece in the New York Times (10/12/15 – Conrad MacKernon) claims that dropping commodity prices for recyclables and the high cost of dealing with the wide array of materials that are being submitted for recycling make the entire exercise a waste (no pun intended!).

Let’s consider the reality: waste is there and it’s not going anywhere! Consider that Walmart reported in 2012 that they expected to see an additional $150 million to their bottom line from their zero waste program, not to mention saving $231 million from their programs for waste reduction and recycling. There are countless other stories like this where companies are STILL generating significant revenue from their recycling efforts. And let’s not forget about all the thieves out there who are STILL making a living off stealing recyclables from everywhere they can get their hands on it. Consider that thieves poaching cardboard from the loading docks of a Walmart store in New Jersey could make a thousand dollars a night!

To make an argument that we should see revenue from recycling in the same way that Wall Street evaluates the profitability of companies is ridiculous. The profitability of recycling has nothing to do with the real purpose behind recycling. Not only is it the right thing to do, we’ve also seen an infusion of more than $100 billion in economic activity in our economy AND an estimated 470,000 direct and indirect jobs have been created as a result. This is according to the Scrap Recycling Industries. These are facts that cannot be disputed or ignored and we need to recognize that if we don’t do the right thing now and long into the future, we’ll never be able to sustain the planet long that will be supporting more than an estimated nine billion people within the next three to four decades.

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