There are many things to remember when setting up services for a new or recently remodeled restaurant. Most owners, managers, and facility managers ensure they set up main services, such as trash removal, cooking oil disposal, hood cleaning, fire & burglar alarm monitoring, and pest control.  All too often jetting of the inlet/outlet lines does not make the standard set up list since many people do not consider it a necessity until there is an emergency.

When preventative inlet/outlet line jetting is not set up at opening everything appears to be fine.  However, over time restaurants can experience the dreaded grease backup due to buildup in the lines. This emergency leaves the location not only with a mess to deal with but also costly emergency charges. All too often the backup is so severe a restaurant is forced to close resulting in lost business.

One way to decrease the likelihood of grease backups is to set up proactive jetting of the inlet/outlet lines.  Jetting of the inlet/outlet lines is performed by either a grease trap cleaning company or a plumber. Depending on your restaurant and its volume, service can be anywhere from quarterly to annually.

SLM recommends setting up semi-annual inlet/outlet jetting as the high-pressure water jetter will remove buildup and decrease the likelihood of a grease backup.  Keep in mind depending on your restaurant volume and menu, you may need to jet your inlet/outlet lines on a quarterly basis. SLM will assist you with setting up the best preventative maintenance plan for you and your facility as it is less expensive than having to pay for repeated emergency charges. Give us a call today at 888.847.4449 or email



Article Written By Melissa Myers