Have you considered a facility green cleaning program? Done well, a facility green cleaning program benefits the cleaning crew, the building occupants, the building itself, and the environment. Plus, these practices are an attractive selling point to consumers.

Going green is a trending idea in business today. More businesses incorporate environmental friendliness and sustainability into corporate missions, which recognize the responsibility as a business to reduce the environmental impacts of operations.

These points are also major factors in consumer buying decisions, as environmental awareness grows and consumers seek out companies which promote green practices, such as commercial recycling, green cleaning, and composting.

How a Facility Green Cleaning Program Helps a Business

  • Less exposure to chemicals that cause eye, skin, and breathing irritations, including asthma attacks
  • Use of environmentally-safe cleaning solutions reduces environmental impact
  • Improves indoor air quality for better employee health and productivity due to less chemically-related pollution
  • Fewer on-the-job chemical injuries
  • Environmentally-conscious packaging often uses a smaller footprint in storage – better for inventory and square-footage use, as well as a lessened environmental impact

The EPA suggests six percent of cleaning and janitorial staff are injured in chemical-related exposure incidents each year. Not only does a facility green cleaning program benefit the environment, it reduces the potential of injury and illness among facility staff. Regardless of the motives, a facility green cleaning program benefits all who spend time in your facility.

Steps to Create and Launch a Green Cleaning Program in Your Facility

  1. Assess your facility
  2. Review current cleaning procedures
  3. Educate staff & promote the program
  4. Check for improvements
  5. Find a reputable supplier

Assess Your Facility

As you plan a facility green cleaning program, the first step is to assess your facility. Look at the current products and processes you use. Conduct research to find cleaning products which use safer chemicals and achieve the same task. Find products in environmentally conscious packaging or ship in concentrated formulas to cut down on waste.

Does your facility recycle and safely dispose of waste? Simple recycling initiatives make a big impact as they cut the amount of waste sent to landfills. Hire out your recycling program to make it stress-free for you!

Review Current Cleaning Procedures

Pay close attention to current procedures. Are cleaning products overused? Is a cup of solution used when a tablespoon will do? Automatic dispensers are a simple and relatively inexpensive solution to cut down on waste and pollution. They help facilities conserve cleaning products. This, in turn, benefits your budget.

As with any facility assessment, ask whether there is room for improvement from all areas. Consult your staff. Are processes followed because they are safe and efficient or is it simply the way they have always been done? Your staff has valuable insights to help you identify areas where practices need to be updated for environmental as well as efficiency reasons.

Promote Your Program

As with many changes, ensure you have buy-in and feedback from the appropriate stakeholders. Once you finalize your changes, education is key. Educate your staff on not only the new procedures, products, etc. but also the reasons for the change.

When you educate and promote your program, include all employees at some level. Understanding the changes and the reasons behind those changes is important to a successful program as well as its implementation and use.

For example, many commercial cleaning products have a strong fragrance. This fragrance is associated with a clean surface or area. When you switch to a safer, more environmentally friendly cleaner, those strong fragrances are often missing or replaced with safer, natural ones.

Without proper education, your employees might mistake areas as being unclean when in reality they are merely unscented.

Check for Improvements

Once you adopt your facility green cleaning program, revisit the changes in a few months. Talk to your staff and find out what works and what does not. Perhaps a new cleaning product is less efficient and takes twice as much product to achieve “clean” standards.

Maybe a new process takes more time than estimated. It may be necessary to adjust your product selection and practices as the program continues.

When you find areas for improvement in your program, look at them as opportunities for growth. Insight from employees directly involved in the areas addressed by your facility green cleaning program provides valuable insight. They can help you make changes which better benefit your business goals.

Find a Reputable Supplier

Implementation of a facility green cleaning program doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Partner with a reputable supplier to ensure your facility green cleaning program is on the cutting edge of going green! Need assistance sourcing and managing your program? We can help!

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