In business, first impressions really count – especially in today’s retail environment. Retailers expend a great deal of brainstorming and budget to create on-brand experiences inside a store but miss out on opportunities existing outside the front door. Boost your business’ curb appeal to take control of first impressions.

If your business’s exterior aesthetics leave something to be desired, what are you telling potential customers? It’s not that a business wants to send a bad message about who they are and what they stand for – curb appeal is simply overlooked in many cases, with so many other needs demanding time, attention and budget.

Improve curb appeal by elevating what you already have, rather than creating a whole new image. Updates to the exterior of your facility refresh your business’ look and help you better communicate what you want new customers to see. 

Improve Upon the Existing

Simple changes and updates make a significant difference when it comes to curb appeal. Many facilities are already equipped with the exterior infrastructure needed to develop positive first impressions. That’s a great asset when you want to improve curb appeal – you don’t have the hurdle of funding and justifying significant capital improvements to your facility.

As you begin planning , take an assessment of your facility’s exterior assets and its current condition. With this list, you identify what you have to work with and what these assets need for a better first impression of your business.

For example:

  • Do you have a dedicated parking lot for customers, but it’s full of potholes and broken pavement? 
  • Does your property have green space, yet there’s currently no green?
  • Does your shop have frontage along high-traffic routes, but you’re not doing all you can to capture attention?

A Morpace Omnibus survey of 1,000 consumers found some staggering information in support of curb appeal improvements: 95 percent of consumers say a store’s external appearance influences their decision to shop at the business. Meanwhile, 67 percent of consumers have actively decided not to visit a retail location solely due to the appearance of the shop’s street frontage. Over 50 percent of consumers say they have avoided visiting a store with a dirty exterior.

Easy Changes Which Boost Your Retail Business’ Curb Appeal

The following exterior service suggestions are examples of projects that are affordable, enhance the value of your assets and give potential customers a better first impression of your shop:

  • Sealcoating, line striping and parking lot repair
  • Curb repair
  • Façade improvements such as exterior painting and power washing
  • Exterior lighting installation
  • Signage installation
  • Landscaping

Boost Curb Appeal with SLM Facility Solutions

If you want to give the exterior of your business a facelift, SLM Facility Solutions offers a multitude of exterior services to cover your needs. Working with a facilities management company to tackle your retail location’s exterior facility improvements ensures quality workmanship with dedicated project management – your projects are completed on schedule and ongoing services occur throughout the year to help your business maintain improvements and preserve that positive first impression.

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