How does your property look? Clean? Dirty? What about that mildew that’s been there for a while? We think it’s safe to say that it may be time for a good clean. Power washing is a great option as the force it creates dislodges deeply ingrained girt, grime, etc in those difficult to reach areas. While you may be thinking the power washer you can pick up from your local hardware store can do the trick, you should know that these cannot run for hours at a time. To properly clean a commercial space, you will need a power washer that can clean for multiple hours at a time. . You also risk causing damage to your property if the power washer is not  used properly.

In today’s environment, power washing is more important than ever. Pollutants from the atmosphere have increased the need for regular cleaning. Pressure washing annually can help to extend the life of your property’s paint job by at least 3 years, and often a paint job lasts 10 years. It is less expensive to pressure wash than to paint!

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