Hospital Facility Management and Waste Disposal Services

You provide care to your patients all day; let SLM Facility Solutions free up your time by allowing us to take care of your facility. When it comes to your medical waste, we will determine your specific needs and design a program ensuring proper segregation into approved containers. We will also ensure you are fully compliant with regulations imposed by federal, state and local authorities, with respect to your biohazard waste, sharps waste and pharmaceutical waste.

In addition to your medical waste, there are many facets of your hospital facility management requiring repair and/or regular maintenance. These include Hot and/or Cold Refrigeration, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Handyman Services, as well as recurring preventative maintenance services such as Trash Removal, Recycling Programs, Grease Trap Cleaning, Hood Cleaning, Cooking Oil Service, Fire Services and Lawn Care.

For repairs, we will determine what is needed, provide pictures and a detailed quote, including a break-down of labor, materials and taxes. A representative will follow up to ensure the work is satisfactorily completed all while billing at or below the Not to Exceed limits.

For preventative maintenance, we will provide a detailed quote for your specific equipment/system, ensuring you receive the best rate and value available. Whether it is a repair or preventative maintenance, SLM Facility Solutions will coordinate service with on-site personnel during down hours to ensure no interference with your patients.

All our programs can be customized to your individual facility’s needs. For example, regarding trash services, we will confirm you are receiving the correct service levels for your trash/recycling and ensure service is performed as scheduled. Your grease trap will be maintained and serviced on time, with manifests being kept on file for five years. Additionally, the size and condition of your grease trap will be verified at the first service. Used cooking oil will be picked up for free or with a rebate, depending on the current economic conditions.

We will ensure your HVAC filters are changed regularly. Your lawn will be serviced after a baseline is established prior to the first cutting in the spring. We will service your kitchen exhaust system at an agreed upon time so as not to interfere with your business needs. We will also provide before and after pictures of your hood(s) and obtain a sign off from your facility personnel to guarantee satisfaction. Fire extinguisher inspection and fire suppression services will be performed semi-annually or annually to ensure proper functionality and compliance. All services are transparent and tracked in-house to assure your needs are being met in the most cost-effective manner.

At SLM Facility Solutions, we have designed a list of hospital facility management services tailored to medical centers of any size. By creating a standardized approach to your facility needs, you can be sure every staff member knows who to call for each service while knowing you comply with all regulations, regardless of the service. Let SLM Facility Solutions offer our expertise and free up your time by allowing us to take care of your hospital facility.

How SLM Facility Solutions Can Assist Your Medical Waste Disposal

Every time a patient is seen there is potential to generate biohazard waste, such as contaminated gloves, gauze, table paper, and bandages. Some facilities generate sharps waste which includes any device or object with the potential to puncture or lacerate the skin. Most people are familiar with the associated hypodermic needles, but this also includes disposable scalpels, blades, contaminated glass, and some contaminated plastics. Additionally, medical facilities frequently generate both hazardous and nonhazardous pharmaceutical waste which must be segregated as they cannot be disposed in biohazard containers or sharps containers.

Your hospital campus is required to dispose of medical waste in a safe manner which meets all federal, state, and local regulations. The regulations surrounding medical waste disposal are complex and ever changing and improper disposal has the potential to result in financial penalties. This can make managing the safe and legal disposal of medical waste feel overwhelming. Let SLM Facility Solutions take the burden off your shoulders. We offer industry-leading services for your biohazard waste, sharps waste, and pharmaceutical waste.

Types of Hospital Facility Management Services We Handle

Types of Hospital Waste Disposal We Handle

  • Biohazard Waste
  • Solid Waste including Contaminated Gloves, Towels and Pipettes
  • Disposable and/or Reusable Sharps (Needles Scalpels, Slides and Syringes)
  • Infectious Agents, Cultures and Culture Medium
  • Pharmaceutical Waste
  • Hazardous Drug Disposal
  • Miscellaneous Medical or Hazardous Waste

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