Hotel and Hospitality Facility Management Services

SLM Facility Solutions provides environmentally responsible hospitality waste management services across the United States.

Whether you’re running a hotel, event planning service, movie theatre, tourism-related firm or any number of other businesses related to the hospitality field, SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide has a variety of services to simplify your facility and waste management responsibilities. We are passionate about providing hotels and the hospitality industry with facility management and waste/grease handling solutions to match their unique requirements.

We provide a tailored hotel facility management solution for on-demand type services such as Handyman, Plumbing, Electrical, Lighting, Signage, Parking Lot Repairs & Maintenance, HVAC repairs, coupled with recurring services of Waste and Recycling, Grease Interceptor and HVAC services to match the requirements of each facility. We, at SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide, guarantee to work with on-site personnel during down hours to assure there will be no interference with your customers.

How SLM Facility Solutions Tackles Hospitality Waste Disposal

At SLM Facility Solutions, we have designed a list of facility maintenance services tailored to the hospitality industry. Effective waste management in the hotel and hospitality sector not only benefits your organization, it protects staff, reduces cost and benefits customers by actively contributing to a clean and healthy image. This is why we will develop facility maintenance solutions to fit your individual property needs and cater to your guests, so they’ll come back time and again.

You take care of your guests all day. Let SLM Facility Solutions take care of your facility.

Do Less. Get More Done.

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