Super Citrus Dumpster Wash

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The Super Citrus Dumpster Deodorizing Kit is a non-toxic, biodegradable option that can clean grease, reduce insects and odor causing residue in and around your dumpsters, compactors, dock floors and trash chutes up to seven days. This environmentally conscious kit comes with one gallon of citrus dumpster wash, one proportioning bottle with an easy-to-use hose-spray applicator, and an eight-pound container of dumpster deodorizing granules.


To use, attach a water hose to the portion attachment. Bend or break the yellow extruded tab on top of the sprayer. Turn on the lever to the water position for pre-spray or rinsing. Turn the lever ON. Apply diluted dumpster wash to problem areas in a sweeping motion. The simple dilution control sprayer equates out 3oz of wash per 1 gallon. Areas with extra build-up may require agitation with a brush or broom. Rinse where needed. Turn lever off when finished.

Once dry, sprinkle one to two pounds of the dumpster deodorizing granules in your dumpster. For odor problem areas, sprinkle granules as needed to effectively neutralize odors up to seven days.

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Weight304 oz
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19 lbs


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